The media revealed that Victor Osimen is worth only 36 million euros to move the team.

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Victor Osimen is said to be the highest-paid transfer in Napoli’s history of 81 million euros. But L’Equipe says the player is actually worth only 36 million euros.

French media giant L’Equipe has claimed. That Nigerian striker Victor Osimen who moved from Lille to Napoli football team was ‘inflated’. It said the deal worth €81 million at the time. Was actually worth only €36 million. as reported on Sunday. 

The deal spark controversy in the summer of 2020. As it is common for Napoli to only disclose their one-time information on how much it will cost to bring Osimen. This is the biggest transfer in the club’s history at €71.3 million plus around €10 million in bonuses and add-ons.

However it was clear that something was wrong. Because that amount of about 50 million euros is the cost of Orestis Carnesis. An experience goalkeeper of 20 million euros and three young players of Napoli. Helping to balance the financial numbers of the famous Naples team. According to the rules of Financial Fair Play. 

However the trio (Ciro Palmieri, Luigi Liguori and Claudio Mansi never actually moved to Lille. And were sent to Serie C and D clubs.) With a loan contract after that. Before Napoli released them out of the contract. 

According to L’Equipe.

Lille has received just €36 million for Osimen as some transfer bonuses have not yet been activate. Such as Napoli’s Champions League qualifiers league. Which hasn’t happen this season. 

Lille also had to pay €11.3 million to Osimen’s former club Charleroi in a €3m bonus and a further €8.3 million in percentage transfer. When the club bought the Nigerian striker 12 million euros in the summer of 2019. 

In addition Lille paid another 4.5 million euros to the bank. ‘If’ to complete the transfer another 6 million euros in agent’s commission leaving only 36 million euros.