Son Heung Min complains about the people who organized the Premier program to create a Hotspur event.

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Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung Min has complained that. The English Premier League gave his side up to 24 hours less rest than rivals Arsenal in the Champions League clash with BernNaley (15 May) was wrong with another camp to compete on Monday night. Even though the lights flashed on Thursday as well.

Spurs thrashed Arsenal 3-0 in midweek. But after 72 hours, they had to hit the shoe again, wrong with Mikel Arteta’s team having 96 hours to recover from then up to Tyneside to face Newcastle (  May 16 ).

On the one hand , Spurs should have an advantage because if Hae has scored first. UFABET He is ranked 4th , putting pressure on the ‘ Cannon ‘ to face a rocky problem.  

But in the athlete’s corner, he wants to restore his body as much as possible first. because of reducing injury problems  

” To be honest when I look down at the calendar of events, it’s crazy, ” he told ‘ Standard  Sport ‘ .

“ We just played on Thursday and have to play again on Sunday. Is it consider too thin? ” 

“ The sweat has not yet dry up. We need time to recover everything : good food , enough rest. to be ready to go back and fight again. ” 

“ It would be better to play late Sunday night. But if you compete early and win, it’s good as well. It felt rushed. hurry up to finish the job. Because the distance between Thursday – Come – Sunday game is really tight. “

“ But, as you know, the tournament calendar is pre-determine and cannot be change. We just have to be prepare for every situation and we will do it. ” 

Spurs play from noon Sunday ( local ) v Burnley -5 , aggregate -5 .