Patrick Vieira Roy Keane, and Gary Neville sit down to talk

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Patrick Vieira Roy Keane, and Gary Neville sit down to talk about their 2005 meltdown. Legends tell the story of the conflict between Manchester United Arsenal in 2005.

At one point in the program there was a discussion of the incident in the players tunnel in 2005.

Which was a giant versus giant game between Manchester United and Arsenal, eternal rivals in English football at that time.

There was a fierce clash between Vieira, Keane, and Neville that night. Before the three former players came to tell each other for fun today, with Gary Neville being the one to open up the issue.

“The story at the time was that I was warming up before the game in the players’ tunnel at Highbury when I suddenly heard a loud banging sound from behind me and Patrick’s voice shouted at me something like, ‘Hey you!’ Then he ran up to me and said, ‘Don’t you dare come and hit us,’ something like that.”

When Patrick Vieira heard that, he smiled slightly before admitting that it was a plan that he intended to do.

“Well, I intend to do that. Because in all the nine years I’ve played for Arsenal, I’ve never liked your face. (Gary) Really, I really, really don’t like your face. Because you like to kick people around, especially Robert (Pires) when he was playing with us.”

“In that game I had to make you feel like you should ufabet never touch Robert. I knew you planned to hit him because you couldn’t take him. So that day I told you not to mess with him. I feel like you’re bullying him too much, Robert. He’s too good a person to complain like this. which you used that point to attack him But I think it’s too much.”

“Of course Manchester United bought all the directors. You guys have so much power that you can do anything. So I had to take some.”

Of course, Vieira’s last sentence was just a joke, after which Roy Keane shared his view on why he was involved in the incident.

“I came out of the dressing room. Then I heard all the commotion. But I forgot the captain’s armband so I had to go back and get it. But when we came back in the second half I knew something was up. This, along with what Gary told me earlier, bothered me. I knew there were people who were trying to attack Gary. If you’re trying to attack someone, It is a declaration of war on all of us.”

Of course, even though the events at that time were so intense that the players on both sides hardly wanted to look at each other. But in reality When the game is over and the years have passed. They all forgave each other with the spirit of athletes. Otherwise, Patrick Vieira, Roy Keane, and Gary Neville wouldn’t be sitting around talking like a joke these days.