Harry Kane comes out to encourage his team-mates, believing the Euro

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Harry Kane comes out to encourage his team-mates, believing the Euro path will not be easy for England.

  • Harry Kane thinks defeat against Iceland will wake the England national team to reality.
  • England must play Slovevia, Denmark, and Serbia, which will likely have a similar strategy to Iceland.
  • Kane admits there is still a lot of work to be done to fine-tune the team for Euro 2024.

Harry Kane, the star striker for the England national team, came out to encourage his teammates. After the opening game lost to Iceland 0-1 last week, ยูฟ่าเบท with Kane viewing the defeat as It will be an important point for him and his teammates to realize that they should not careless even. When facing an opponent with inferior strength. In the group stage, England will face Slovenia, Denmark, and Serbia, who will probably be aiming to play in the same way as Iceland.

“This defeat should wake-up call for us to face the real world. Because everyone must understand. That it is not as easy as many people think.”

“We have a lot of work to do and sometimes we need a wake-up call like this.

There are still some parts that we need to develop further. Especially in dealing with pressure. Games in the group stage will not be much different from this game. We have to play tough defense. Especially dealing with long balls. and when we are in possession of the ball We have to be more still. These are things that we need to adjust.”

“We played below standard without the ball. That’s where we have to do our homework. But we had some good games. Create a lot of opportunities. But in playing with this type of team You must be extremely decisive. Of course, we may lack the hunger for more tackles. both in the second ball and in tackling the ball It is a very important part of playing against a team of this level. We have to put pressure on them. And we weren’t good enough in the last game.”

“It’s really, really bad (against France in the 2022 World Cup) to play football. You have your ups and downs along the way. That is the terrible moment that has haunted me for the past two years. But it’s time for me to move past it. Now I’m just excited to play in the next big tournament.”

I always knew that people were always judging us in past tournaments.

And of course there will be criticism about Friday’s game. But I think we’ve received a good response as well. Ultimately it is up to us whether we can go out on the field and play well or not. We have some very good players and they are having good seasons. Don’t you forget that.”

“At the last Euro we were really close to being champions and we were hungry to get back there. Everything went by so quickly. We just played the World Cup and we’re here. Which I think we’re on the right track. But as we all know, becoming a champion is not easy. We have to prepare well to get there. And we also need a little luck. Every winner must have luck. Now we have a winner’s mindset. And we know we have to work hard to reach the finals next month.”