Gary Neville not surprised Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked after defeat.

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Ex-Manchester United defender Gary Neville is not surprised. That Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked following his recent poor performance against Watford.

         Manchester United football team invade and was crush at Vicarage Road. Demolished 1-4 and the result of this game cause the Norwegian boss to lose his job in the end. The former United captain was not surprise by what happen because the poor performance of the players led to poor results.

         “It’s happened in the last few weeks. Poor performance It’s unfortunate that at Watford their level of performance in recent weeks has been so bad. And when the manager can’t show the players in this game you lose your job.” Gary Neville told Sky Sports. s

         “Defensively at Watford was tragic. They were mauled, Ole was unable to perform. They look tired I’m not surprised that today is over.”

         “He has always had good results in the past. Pull him out of the mud when you think he’s in a bad mood. But this time the results turn out to be worse. The worst thing is the performance.”

         “Yesterday (Saturday) some defenders were pathetic, goalkeepers, defenders, back fours or backfives who play together for a long time. and Watford were not a good team. Best in the league, they hit Manchester United, in the end Ole couldn’t show up. The players looked unconvinced.”

         “I’m not surprised it came to an end. The worst for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be if he became a bridge for the club’s dark times. Hope it’s a bright future. They will have to make the right choice for the next person. Maybe at the end of the season.”