Carlo Ancelotti not to stand in the way if the target players want to move the team.

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Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has revealed. He will not stand in the way if the Newcastle striker targets Newcastle. Want to move out of Santiago Berbabeu.

             Carlo Ancelotti admits to Tuttomercatoweb. That he will not stand in the way of Eden Hazard if the Newcastle United target wants to leave Real Madrid football team. To return to the Premier League. It is difficult to think of Transferring a team with a large sum of money (Except in the case of Philippe Coutinho ) amid various situations. The worst in the past few years.

            For Hazard after being in the news for many years. He was finally able to fulfill his dream of a move to the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer of 2019. The Belgium international is expect to elevate his game to a ‘four-year’. A new level on the highest sporting stage, whether it’s winning the UEFA Champions League or winning the Ballon d’Or.


Persistent injuries have turned his lofty dream into a nightmare for one of the world’s most talented footballers. And the focus of the fans on Hazard has shifted from His football magic comes to his love of bread.

             Will Hazard be able to return to the Premier League with Newcastle or Chelsea ? When the latest news from the media like ESPN has revealed the possibility. That Chelsea will bring Hazard back to England again. Like the Newcastle team. The Saudi owner would make Roman Abramovich look like a poor man by comparison.

             “I never force anyone to stay here. If Hazard wants to leave He had to move.” Ancelotti said, referring to the £88million superstar’s chances of leaving the Spanish capital in 2022.

             Hazard hasn’t started in La Liga since the 2-1 win over Valencia five weeks ago. Former Chelsea coach Ancelotti admitted midweek that he ‘Use the other players’ positions in the offensive edge over players like Rodrigo Sandoval, S., Marco Zen Lazio and makes new fictional junior forms are be skillful plain. Selected ahead of the Belgian star in the Real Madrid team.According to report by ufabet