400 million baht release clause if Manchester United want Mauricio Pochettino.

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The city’s media reports that “Red Devils” Manchester United are ready to pay to open a deal for Mauricio Pochettino. The Paris Saint-Germain manager take control of the team immediately. Even if you have to pay for the release of the contract. Even if you wait until the summer of next year. The price was reduced by almost half.

After the team “Red Devils” Manchester United a famous club in the English Premier League football. Has announced a separation from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. After the team’s performance was not impressive. The team has been in the news with many consultants. Who will take over the team as a team manager to recover the situation of the team in the path of the world’s top teams.

The Mirror a famous British media outlet news reports.

Manchester United are reportedly interest in bringing in Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino. Which currently has a contract with the Paris Saint-Germain team. The best football clubs in Ligue 1.

The report states that Manchester United will have to pay Paris Saint-Germain a release clause of 10 million pounds. Or approximately 440 million Thai baht. Which is a very high amount to get Mauricio Pochettino to be the new manager immediately. Without having to wait for the Argentine’s contract to expire.

Previously the “Red Devils” aimed to find The coach took over the team temporarily until the end of this season first. Then he will find the right person to be a permanent manager in the summer of next year, but when news that Pochettino has shown that he is ready to work with the team immediately. Causing the board of Manchester United to think again to close the deal immediately.

According to The Mirror, Manchester United are ready to pay up for the release of the contract. Even if you wait until the end of this season or until next summer, the payouts for Mauricio Pochettino will be less than half the current release clause.