Understanding bipolar disorder patients or two personalities to be clearer

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Just asking for an understanding of ” Bipolar”

Nowadays, if you have the opportunity to follow the news on television or newspapers. You may have had the opportunity to hear about bipolar disorder. What is worrisome is that Now it has become Society often has an idea that If anyone has any unusual characteristics I have to ask. “Is this bipolar!?!” which would not be very fair to bipolar patients. And in reality What exactly is bipolar disease? สมัคร ufabet

* Of course, it’s not a bad mood just because it wasn’t what you wanted. Not a spoiled or selfish person *

bipolar disorder Or in English it is called Bipolar Disorder. Research has found that There is approximately a 1% chance of people suffering from bipolar disorder. Having an understanding of this disease should be helpful in preventing and caring for those around them who are at risk or suspected of having the disease. bipolar disorder The general characteristics are as the name suggests: there are 2 different types of emotional and behavioral changes.

  1. Depressive episode lasting at least 2 weeks (Details in the article Depression )
  2. Looks like it’s bustling and bustling. That’s called Mania or Manic episode.

People with bipolar disorder experience periodic mood swings.

  • This period is a week. It’s not an hour or a day or two.
  • It may be characterized by depression. Followed by a period of being “normal”, good, his old self. Then symptoms like mania may occur.
  • Bipolar disorder must have periods of mania (positive pole = mania and negative pole = depression), but may or may not have periods of depression.
  • Some people show symptoms of depression first. Later, he gradually showed symptoms of mania. The diagnosis was changed from depression to bipolar disorder.
  • Most of which will show symptoms of depression first.

The main symptom is “too much”, whether your thoughts, confidence, or speech are “overflowing” (where before it wasn’t like this), but it usually doesn’t bring any good results. because it comes from a brain that is in turmoil

We may have seen friends or people around us. Suddenly he was diligent and tireless in his work. Some people seem to have lots of plans and creativity. When talking with him, you will notice that he talks a lot, talks quickly, but seems scattered and disjointed. Change the subject so quickly that you can’t keep up. There is plenty of energy to work. Plan many different projects. Some people go down payment on a car. Reserve multiple condos Have to come and pay off the debt later. Including seeming to have a lot of self-confidence. Think that you have high abilities, for example, if you run for election, you will definitely get the position.

Some people with severe cases may have delusional thoughts that they are magicians. Has supernatural powers. If they are quite close, it will be seen that there is an abnormal behavior of spending more than expected. If you are a frugal person, you will waste more.  Someone is already spending money, it will be even more. Some people donate a lot of money. Sometimes I give money to friends. If it is a supervisor level, they may distribute money to subordinates. Take your subordinates to a big party every day. Stay up late more. (not insomnia) but not sleepy, don’t want to sleep It has the power of photosynthesis. Emotions can be unusually good. Doesn’t seem reasonable Or it can be irritable, low patience, impulsive. Makes it easy to have an issue with anyone May go on a rampage and attack people or things.