5 danger signs Fat clogs arteries.

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Everyone knows the dangers of this disease. Especially obese people are at higher risk. But when will we start to realize that we may be suffering from fat blockage in our arteriesทางเข้า ufabet has a very easy way to check for yourself.

5 danger signs Fat clogs arteries.

1. Tired more easily than usual Whether walking up stairs, walking up a hill, or doing light exercise, it’s tiring.

2. Dizziness, lightheadedness, like fainting.

3. Severe headache when getting up from bed. or sit up quickly

4. Heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, cold hands and feet.

5. Tightness in the chest, pain in the chest, as if something is pressing on it.

Symptoms are generally similar to those of heart disease caused by myocardial stenosis. This is because there is not enough blood flowing into the heart. Blood cannot be pumped to nourish the body. and makes us feel tired. Tired easily.

Risk factors for developing clogged arteries

1. Overweight, obese

2. Eat too many foods that contain fats that are not good for the body and do not eat vegetables.

3. Lack of regular exercise

4. Older age and males are more likely to be at risk than females.

5. History of family members having diseases related to atherosclerosis, rupture, or diabetes or high blood pressure.

6. Smoking, drinking alcohol

7. Have stress from work and other matters Rarely move your body each day

What factors can we avoid? Please do it regularly. Whether it is food that should reduce fat Eat more vegetables. Exercise regularly at least 3 days a week. Reduce smoking. drink alcohol and make the mind cheerful and bright Now you are far from the disease of fat clogging the arteries.